In a room full of people, I’m someone who quietly watches the nuances of everyone else. I notice the silly glances and
giggles between two children playing, the subtle wink a father gives his daughter as she waves to him through a crowd, the way a mother
gently holds her dear friend’s hand as they reminisce, and the extra long hug a couple in love gives each other.

If you are in the process of planning your child’s baptism, I know that it will be one of the happiest and most special days of your family’s life, and it would be my absolute honour to photograph this milestone.

For those newly engaged - a big congratulations is in order! I hope you’re having fun planning your big day! Without a doubt, there is no place
I'd rather be than photographing the special love you two share, and would be delighted if you sent me a photography inquiry!




I love to laugh - a lot! Listening to music is like being a kid in a candy store. I put fries on my burger. I like to sing along to the radio while driving. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of looking at my parents' photo albums. Mr. Dressup was my favourite childhood show, and he inspired my love of theatre. I am a member of a Greek dance performing group, and love honouring my culture and heritage. Filling up the gas tank is often a game to stop on a whole dollar. I prefer to chew half-size pieces of gum. I crave traveling and seize the chance to when an opportunity arises. Waking up before the sun rises proves challenging, but only in the winter months. From time to time, I text friends a reminder to look at our beautiful moon. I love to send letters by post as there is something inherently poetic about putting pen to paper. The decision to start my own photography company took place while on vacation in Greece during the summer of 2011, and I've never looked back since.