“Nick and I first decided to use Vikki for funny Christmas cards in 2012 - that’s all they were supposed to be. Funny. What Vikki ended up giving us was not only a fun day of love and laughter, but pictures that captured our personality, our jokes, our love for one another and memories on paper that act as a diary into that moment of our lives. Obviously since that photo shoot was so amazing, we did another one for 2013, and are already thinking of ideas for 2014. Vikki, I can’t tell you how much we love your work and how thankful we are for having you as our photographer. You make us feel comfortable to let the silliness out and you catch thoseadorable moments we don’t even know are happening!” - Love, N & N
  “Getting family photos can be difficult with little ones that just want to run around, but with Vikki that’s what it’s all about. FUN! Vikki has this electric personality that just draws you right in and quickly puts everyone at ease. Some of our best shots were at points I never thought a good image could come from. Vikki is a professional that makes the experience personal and fun. If you are looking for a personable experience and not just a photographer then Vikki is definitely the one to book a session with. We’re looking forward to working with her again!” - A+C
  “Having two teenage boys that are reluctant posers makes it a challenge for a doting mother to capture and chronicle all the happy times we have together. Vikki is a talented, creative and professional artist that is wise beyond her years. The camera seems to be a natural extension of her body and she made my boys feel like they were just hanging out together. Whether the shots are posed or candid, Vikki’s sessions are smooth and seamless making for calm and willing subjects. Vikki has photographed our family many times and it never seems like work for her. The quality pictures she took of our family speak volumes – we all had so much fun and that came through on the images. I have recommended Vikki to friends and will continue to do so. We absolutely adore Vikki, and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her work." - B+P
  “I met Vikki in the winter of 2013. I was pregnant with my first child, and she photographed my maternity session. Vikki was amazing! She had some amazing ideas, and encouraged me to share my ideas as well. We have since had our baby, and have requested that Vikki be the one to photograph his newborn session, and our Christmas session. We can't wait for our next session!” - E+I
  “Vikki is an artist, philanthropist and an amazing photographer with brilliant vision. She has photographed my family on many occasions and has provided us with photos and shots that totally exceed our expectations. She gives her craft (and her clients) her all and in the end you can be guaranteed excellent service!! We are grateful and thankful for Vikki's talent.” - G+E
  “We wanted a family photo session before our eldest daughter left for university and Vikki proved to be absolutely the best choice for our family.  It was such a pleasure to be photographed by her - Vikki is energetic, professional, extremely competent and above all, a very confident and talented young photographer. Thank-you Vikki for the wonderful experience. Your positive attitude was infectious and we feel like you're part of our family! We look forward to future photography sessions with you.” - J+M
 “Working with Vikki on our family photos was an absolute delight! She is professional and warm and was able to capture beautiful photos of our daughter that we will cherish for a lifetime.” - M+C
  “Vikki, you truly are gifted, not only as a photographer but first and foremost as a person. You are a kind and warm individual who draws people in with your smile and grace. Your work and business ethic is one to be admired and followed. The service you provided went above and beyond. We have and we will continue to recommend you as a photographer for all occasions.” - G+C
  “Hiring Vikki for my grade 12 graduation was a decision myself and my family will be able to look back on and be so happy about for many years to come. Her combination of professionalism and friendliness ensures a photography session you’ll not only be thrilled with in the long run, but enjoy in the moment. On such a chaotic day she was very patient and understanding and able to capture the electricity of the day in such a beautiful way. There is no question I will become a repeat client as her work is truly one of a kind.” - T
  “It is my great pleasure to have my maternity photo session with Vikki in Calgary. My husband and I enjoyed every moment of it and Vikki is indeed a wonderful person to work with. She is an amazing professional yet passionate in many ways. We were stunned by the pieces Vikki created for us, and our family and friends were thrilled about our special announcement of twin pregnancy through Vikki's great work. The special moments captured by Vikki are truly the unforgettable experience in our lives and we thank her for that!” - J+W
  “ consider Vikki one of my dearest friends, however that is not the main, and most important reason why I would recommend her as your photographer. She made me feel completely comfortable during our shoot, and caught the small nuances of my natural body language that made for absolutely wonderful photos. She has a careful eye for detail and her creativity has no bounds. We spent the entire session laughing, it was an absolute joy being in her company, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.” - A
  “This was my first time being in a photo shoot, and I can honestly say Vikki made it a comforting experience. Not only does she have the perfect eye for photography, Vikki brings so much positive energy and enthusiasm to the set. Her work is first class and very reputable, which is why I would recommend her to anybody that is in need of a photographer.” - Love, A
  “Over the past 15 years I have shot with a lot of photographers mostly in Toronto so I can honestly tell you from my experience... I would shoot with Vikki again in a second! I am not partial to shooting head shots but it is a necessity in my business. Vikki made it like we were just hanging! She is fabulous at making you feel comfortable and relaxed so she can get the best shot of you. She has an amazing eye and a creative side that puts the package all together. Loved her! I got 6 auditions in 2 weeks from the head shot she took of me! Thanks Vikki and I will keep seeing you in the future!” - A
 "Remember when the fairy godmother turns Cinderella’s pumpkin into a beautiful carriage and saves her day? Well that’s what it’s like when you have a photo shoot with Vikki. Her magic wand is a camera, and working with her truly is a magical experience. Whether you're looking to have professional photos taken or have her capture a fun beachside adventure with balloons (as was my shoot), Vikki pairs her professionalism with her passion for photography, and her pictures speak for themselves - they are extraordinary. If you’re looking to capture the enchantment in your life, Vikki is definitely your gal!” - D
  “Vikki is so enthusiastic, engaging, fun and full of talent. I felt so comfortable and at ease throughout our entire photo shoot, I could not have asked for a better photographer! I had such a fantastic time doing my head shots with Vikki, our day was full of laughter and smiles. I love my head shots so much, I hope to find success in the business with them! Thank you my dear friend.” - E
  “Vikki’s energy and passion for photography has a domino effect on those she shoots. I have never felt as comfortable or confident as I did when I shot with Vikki. She has the rare ability to capture the essence of what I am feeling with every shot and virtually turn my photographs into stories. Vikki is not just a photographer, but an artist who captures magic, soul, life, and beauty.” - E
  “Vikki is one of the best photographers in Southwestern Ontario. I've had the pleasure of working with Vikki on three occasions where she was the photographer for both of my portrait shoots. The photos were spectacular and I'm always amazed by her creativity and professionalism. Besides being an amazing photographer, she is a great person. Very personable, very easy going, and always makes you feel comfortable during photo shoots!” - K
  “Vikki is an incredible photographer. She's creative, friendly and easy going. Her work is always about the client. She is continuously making sure the client feels comfortable and she is genuinely interested in the client's input. I am always looking for excuses to work with her again. If you don't believe me just take a look at any of her work, it speaks for itself. ” - K
  “Vikki took some wonderful shots of me for my new law firm's website. I have always felt uncomfortable getting my photograph taken and the prospect of doing it in public with judicial buildings as the backdrop was daunting. Vikki put me completely at ease. She was fantastic on her feet, coming up with ideas on the spot for poses and lighting that I certainly hadn't thought of. The memory of her climbing the cast iron fence at the Court of Appeal to take a shot looking down at me still makes me laugh. Vikki is absolutely great!” - K
  “Vikki is creative, passionate and community-minded. She has photographed me, my events and my projects on a number of occasions, and I am consistently thrilled with the results. Considering the diverse subjects that I have hired her to photograph (from events, to performers, to posed portraits and publicity shoots), I always know that each shoot will communicate exactly what it needs to. Whether it is an ethereal portrait, or a stylish detail shot, Vikki uses her skills to tell the right story each time. Vikki is a dear friend, but that is certainly not the only reason I would work with her again; her product, professionalism and personality consistently invite me back as a repeat client.” - L
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